Xiteppanyaki Restaurant

Enjoy relaxed time; and taste delicate life

On the second floor of the hotel, Ximi Teppanyaki Restaurant, there are 30 iron-plate boxes in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, 30 iron-plate tables in 1 yuan, and Yuya Block in 30 yuan, with a total of seats for 50 yuan. Master Wu Mingguang, a famous Teppanyaki chef from Taiwan, is stationed in the field, carefully cooking every high-end ingredient for you, presenting you with a feast of vision and taste, and the ultimate interpretation of "first-class ingredients, chef cooking"!

Banquet the distinguished guests to enjoy the delicious rice, and the delicious rice teppanyaki restaurant looks forward to your visit!

Classic food

Opening Hours

Lunch:11:30 – 14:00
Dinner:17:30 – 21:00


On the 2nd floor of the hotel

Exclusive Hotline

0577-6119999, ext.Xiteppanyaki Restaurant