Western Banquet

Western Banquet; themed wedding ceremony

More and more brides and grooms favor the romantic, elegant, solemn, saint, simple and fashionable western wedding party. You might as well come to Wenzhou Narada Grand Hotel Yueqing to experience our innovative western themed wedding party if you are a fashionable bride or groom pursuing personality and romantics. We assign a special person to customize a complete set of wedding ceremony plan, site decoration, menu design and other careful banquet planning for you, so that your wedding ceremony can be unmatched and unforgettable for your whole life.

Wedding service

Free French palace type wedding party site arrangement, grand column-free meeting place with a capacity of 1000 people, white wedding dress on green grass, music auditorium on red carpet, lobster in western set meal, delicacies of every kind in Chinese buffet along with presented luxurious wedding room or five-star luxurious suite (they are presented according to different consumption, for details we can discuss personally). Please invite us to play your romantic music together.

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